FOX Suspension Love at #Veloplus in Zurich

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Today my Fox 36 Talas and Float CTD got some love at the Veloclinic from Veloplus.

Imagine it's 9am in the morning, you are sitting at the bar sipping your morning coffee and watching your bike suspension getting serviced just at the other side of the bar!

I made a rendez-vous (read 'date') in advance by phone and brought in my fork and damper already dismounted from the bike. If you can't remove them at home, Veloplus offers a fully equipped bike work shop where you can work on your bike at any time during store opening hours for free. The shop clerks are also very helpful with advice or handing you the necessary spare parts while you are there. Or you can have both your suspensions dismounted by the mechanic for a total of CHF 38.-.

The small service, which consists of a thorough environmental friendly (this is important!) cleaning, inspection, oil- and dust wiper change, took exactly 1 hour and cost:

Small Fork Service 38.-
Damper Service 38.-
Dust Wiper Kit 58.-
Float Line Air Sleeve 37.-
Total CHF 171.-

It turned out that after one-and-a-half season, the fork and damper were still in mint condition, but they definitely enjoyed the oil change and the careful lubing of the dust wipers. Many thanks to Stefan Rothlin from Veloplus for the thorough service and the attention to detail. I'll be back!

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