M, 55

Dabei seit June 2011

Folge ich

Fahrstil — AM und DH

Interessen — Was once a history teacher so am stuck firmly in the past and secondly my family.


Our latest advert<br>Our AM location in Bubion requires you have a 6\" bike for climb a bit but much more for going down.
Josh<br>Every winter Ratboy spends 2 months with us guiding and training
Chris Akrigg<br>While he was here making a Hill in Spain
Matti in Malaga<br>Good to see Matti again - last time I saw him was when he was on a Honda!
Gee with my little girl<br>Super guy and great with kids:D
Steve Peat with us recently:D<br>He was here in Bubion (AM riding) testing the Nomad
The Unridable Corner<br>This is part of our Great Escape day - 17kms of descending on flowing trails
DHing close to Malaga<br>This is me on our SRAM Test Track
AM riding here in Spain<br>At the bottom of Abject Terror and switchbacking Roman road of only rocks
Dominik Bosshard